Waking up in Christmassy pyjamas is the first essential for Christmas day.

Eating biscuits, sweets and chocolates for breakfast was only ever allowed on Easter and Christmas Day when I was growing up and I definitely took full advantage of it! This rule still loosely applies now and I always look forward to it!

Obviously, presents come into play on a perfect Christmas Day! I love giving presents as I take such pride in buying the perfect present and wrapping them all special! I think I prefer giving presents to receiving them!

My mum’s Christmas dinner is my favourite part of Christmas Day. I wouldn’t give up my mum’s Christmas dinner for the world! She mounds food onto our plates, with three different meat, pigs in blankets and stuffing and it’s just pure bliss. I don’t like Christmas pudding so for dessert I always have warm chocolate sponges with chocolate sauce inside! Yum!

Christmas afternoon is normally spent napping and playing board games, the only time of the year my parents and I play our board games.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without seeing all my family and loved ones and normally this takes place in the evening of Christmas. This involves more food, Christmas music, novelty jumpers and socks and opening up toys with my younger cousins. I have far too many family members to squeeze in on Christmas Day so we normally spread out visiting over 4 days but they all have the same structure.


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