To get me in the Christmas spirit this year, I decided to read two festive books!

A Winter Affair – Minna Howard


Eloise is alone for Christmas. Her marriage recently ended in divorce and her grown up twins are travelling around the world. When her godfather rings, she hopes he’s going to offer her a place with him for Christmas. Instead he informs her that his son, Lawrence, needs a chef at his ski chalet in Switzerland and that she’s perfect for the job, despite having no qualifications or experience a fact that he’s decided to ignore. Reluctantly, Eloise agrees and her Christmas is filled with shocks, horror, happiness and fun.

Though there is an underlying sadness to A Winter Affair, I still really enjoyed it. I loved the journey the characters went on and how they grew as individuals throughout the story. My favourite part of the book was the food descriptions, naturally as the reason Eloise ends up in Switzerland is to be a chef, there was delicious food incorporated in every chapter.

The underlying sadness is eventually resolved and the second half of the book had me internally screaming with frustration! I won’t spoil what happens but it was so frustrating reading two characters dancing around each other instead of being honest when it was obvious they were made for each other. The ending of the book was a real feel good ending if a little abrupt. I would have loved to have a bit more to the ending but I still loved it.

The Christmas Promise – Sue Moorcraft

the-christmas-promiseAva runs her own business but is struggling to make ends meet. Her ex-boyfriend is causing trouble for her by trying to blackmail her into getting back together with him. Her best friend’s boss ends up being her unlikely knight in shining armour and the pair’s lives become accidentally entwined in more than one way. The Christmas Promise details Ava’s journey from rock bottom back to the light.

As far as Christmas stories go, this one wasn’t the happiest story I’ve ever read. While it wasn’t particularly happy, it dealt with a lot of real world issues such as cyber bullying, revenge porn and terminal illness with the perfect amount of delicacy. Even though aspects of the book were rather dark, the happier parts of the book were fun, cosy and filled with hope.

There were plenty of twists and turns throughout the book with a happy ending seeming almost impossible. I won’t spoil the end as it’ll ruin the whole book, but I can say I was really glad the book ended the way it did!

What Christmas books have you read this year? I need to read some more!




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