John Lewis is always the Christmas advert King and kicks off the start of Christmas but this year it seems everyone’s gone full whack with their own adverts! But which ones are my favourites?

John Lewis

After last year’s advert that reduced me to tears every time I saw it, the happy silly advert this year was a pleasant surprise!


Even though this advert has a darker undertone, I still think Kevin the Carrot’s journey to meet Father Christmas is so cute!


I’ve never seen an advert for Heathrow before but I think making the first one a Christmas one was a great idea! Seriously, how cute are these two teddies!?

Alzheimer’s Trust

The message behind this advert is strong and stands out among the rest of the adverts. While Santa isn’t actually real, he plays a huge part of Christmas in the decorations and for younger children and his existence is somewhat taken for granted so the fact that Santa forgot Christmas is quite shocking.

Marks and Spencer

This advert is just so sweet and gives a difference view of Christmas, focusing on Mrs Claus rather than Santa Claus.

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!


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