Last weekend, my boyfriend and I queued up for almost 4 hours throughout West Quay in Southampton to get our copies of the Christmasaurus signed and meet the one and only Tom Fletcher!

Even though it was cold and I’m rather impatient, there was enough going on in the queue to keep us entertained. Workers dressed up as elves and in Christmas clothes roamed the queues handing out hot chocolate, soup and crumpets!

Eventually, we got to the front of the queue and through a tiny gap we could see Tom Fletcher and it was so surreal! Waterstones was looking all Christmassy and festive and Tom was way taller than I expected!

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I’ve not met many famous people before, I’ve had Gok Wan sign his autobiography and I got a photo with Rian from All Time Low but that’s about it. I’m such a shy person and I was really worried about embarrassing myself, but I ended up just not saying much at all!

We got to have a photo with Tom, which I didn’t expect to be allowed and then we went on our way! I haven’t actually read the Christmasaurus yet as it’s one of my Christmas presents, but I’m sure I’ll blog about it once I have!



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