This year I’ve got two advent calendars! One of them is the standard Cadbury’s chocolate one and I’ve also got a Yankee Candle one!

I’m doing this post halfway through the month just to share what I’ve got and what my thoughts are and I’m more than likely going to do another post at the end of Blogmas with everything? I’m not sure yet though!

So this is what I’ve got in the first 12 days of my Yankee Calendar!


To be honest, I’m slightly disappointed in this calendar. It cost quite a bit and so far I’ve got 2 of all each candle and on some 3 of each, which was not what I was expecting at all. For most of them, the smell is strong and I love the chosen scents but on a couple, especially the green and red ones, the smell is barely there. I’m not sure whether this is because they’ve been around the other candles and lost their scent a little or whether they just have a less prominent scent than the others.

However, I do love candles so regardless I will use and enjoy every candle I’ve gotten so far and will get for the remaining days until Christmas!

Do you have a Yankee Candle advent calendar? What are your thoughts? And what advent calendar should I try next year? Let me know in the comments!


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