Shockingly, I have yet to have a bratwurst from a German Market. Normally I’m the first in the queue!

I have wandered around a few Christmas markets and fairs and bought a few things as well. A bratwurst is on my list of things to buy asap though! It’s just not Christmas without one.

Southampton has a pretty decent German Market around Christmastime, with two German bars and bratwurst stalls as well as dozens of other food like chocolates and crepes and sweets.

It’s busy at the German Market and all of town in general at the moment so it was difficult to get any decent photos but here’s a few I did get!

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Last weekend I visited the Craft Fair in Gang Warily, where local people sold their homemade Christmas goodies.

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I got some stocking shaped cutlery holders and a Christmas bow. (I gave the cutlery holders to my mum as a gift and she’s put them somewhere and I don’t know where they are! I’ll pop the photos up when she’s home!)

I am determined, one Christmas in the near future, that I will visit the Edinburgh Christmas market. After watching Zoella’s first vlogmas post about it, I’ve been imagining a weekend away in Edinburgh!

What goodies have you got from markets this year? Are there any markets I should check out next year?


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