This year is going to be the quietest Christmas I’ve had in a really long time and to be honest I’m kind of dreading it.

I feel horribly ungrateful for admitting that as I am still spending all of Christmas with people I love but I really don’t like change and it’s more that the change highlights that the people I normally spend Christmas with aren’t here anymore.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve evening, I normally go over to my grandad’s house with my parents, aunties, uncles and cousins and have a buffet, play games and have a few drinks. This is always a lot of fun and the games are always a good laugh! Sometimes we play pass the parcel and one year we had a competition to see who could make the best balloon animal!

Christmas Day

My parents have always said I’m the only child in the world who slept in on Christmas. Most kids are up really early but I always rolled downstairs at about 9am! Apparently they used to bang doors and hit my ceiling from underneath with a brush in the hopes that I’d wake up quicker. Now I’m an adult I normally set an alarm wake me up around 8ish!

Once we’re awake, we gather round the tree and take turns to open all our presents. My parents always end up having more than me because they save their presents from their friends till Christmas Day but I’m far too impatient for that! Then we shower and get dressed in festive outfits and start preparing the dinner. My dad and I leave most of it to my mum as she’s a pro at Christmas dinner but we do the veg and set the table.

This year we’re going to have a quiet afternoon and evening. Normally we would see my older cousins but they’re busy this year so we’re just staying at home. At some point in the evening, I will be going over to my boyfriend’s to do presents with him and I’ll probably stay over until Boxing Day!

Boxing Day

My auntie (mum’s sister) is coming over to our house for lunch and then in the afternoon/evening my parents and I are going over to my auntie’s (dad’s sister) for food, drinks and probably more games!

28th December

As my cousin and his family are busy on Christmas Day we’re having a little get together with them on the 28th. My cousin’s little boy is 4 and it’s always fun to spend Christmas with a kid so that should be good too.

Writing out everything I’m doing on Christmas has made me realise I’m doing more than I thought. Christmas is still a hard time because it’s much more obvious who’s missing round the table at Christmas, but I will definitely do my best to appreciate the people who are here!

What are your plans at Christmas this year?


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