You might’ve seen my previous post about my best things about Christmas…now it’s time for my worst things! For me there are three things about Christmas that I hate:

The hype for Christmas means the day is a bit of a let down

In my opinion, everyone – including me – goes Christmas mad in December with the jumpers, films, songs etc that by the time Christmas Day rocks around I’ve stopped caring. I feel like the build-up makes the day not as great.

The people I’ve grown up spending Christmas with aren’t here anymore which means that Christmas isn’t the same

Every year for as long as I can remember I’ve spent Christmas Eve with my Grandad, Christmas Day evening with my Nan and Boxing Day with my Gran. Three years ago my Nan passed away, as did my great uncle and auntie, the three people I spent Christmas Day evening with. Because of this, Christmas hasn’t really been the same, it’s more of a reminder of who is missing.


This one is a little juvenile but I really REALLY despise sprouts and Christmas is the one time of year I have to eat them…which kind of ruins the day for me!

What is it you hate about Christmas?


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