Every family has a certain way of celebrating Christmas that is individual to them. My family is no different.

I was going to list everything my family and I do on Christmas but I realised that would be very confusing as I have more than a few family members! Instead I’m going to just refer to my family as a whole and go through the sort of things that happen at Christmas!

One of my favourite things about Christmas is going over to my Grandad’s house on Christmas Eve to play games, listen to Christmas songs, each far too much food and drink too much. Each year the game is different, one year my grandad made us a pin the tail on the donkey board and another year we had a competition making balloon animals as well as pass the parcel. Now that us grandkids are older we play pass the parcel too with an adult twist, everyone gets a present and the presents are personalised to each person.

Christmas Day traditions include eating biscuits for breakfast and watching Disney movies in our Christmas onesies with my parents. Christmas and Easter were the only times of the year that it was acceptable to eat so unhealthily for breakfast when I was growing up.

Another favourite Christmas tradition of mine is how we eat leftover Christmas food for weeks after Christmas. There is nothing better than a cold turkey sandwich with a plate of leftover buffet salad.

Boxing Day is another great day spent with my family, playing board games or Just Dance on the Wii and Buzz on the PS2. Sometimes we murder songs on Singstar which is always a good laugh!

It’s not technically Christmas day related, but another Christmas favourite of mine is going to Christmas markets with my boyfriend Jon. The best part of Christmas is the food and as soon as the Christmas market opens up, I’m first in the queue buying a bratwurst!

What do you do every year that’s become tradition?


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