Last year, I did a lot of baking with my then housemate Laura. She is just so good at it and is definitely my baking goals! This year, I wanted to continue the Christmas treats baking traditions. I love the little kits that supermarkets put together like the Elf House Kit we made last year, so I decided to continue this, with a little help from My Cupcake Toppers!

Stocking Biscuits

The first bit of baking I did this Christmas was the Asda Stocking Cookie Kit. I found that I couldn’t make enough biscuits in this kit, I only ended up making about 5! I also struggled with the cookie cutter as it was just a card shape. However, the biscuits tasted amazing and I feel that most of my issues with baking are more to do with my skills than the kit’s fault!

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My Cupcake Toppers

About a week ago, I was sent some Christmas cake toppers by My Cake Toppers! I made some little cupcakes with them and here they are! The cake toppers look so cute! They are rice paper cake toppers and the two Christmas cake toppers sets I chose are this one and this one.

My initial reaction to the toppers was how big they are! In my head, I was expecting the tiny hexagonal ones you get with the cupcake making kits in from the local supermarket. So I was pleasantly surprised to see how large the toppers are, especially as they are sold at a reasonable price!

These little toppers are the perfect addition to any Christmas spread as the festive designs are just so cute!

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I also chose an icing sheet you could design yourself, picturing the logo of my blog! It was so simple to upload a picture to the website and it came out perfect! The only issue I had with the icing sheet was that it was A4 and I don’t own any baking tins that size! I tried to make it work by cutting the icing sheet down a little. (I was also supposed to have a two tiered cake but I dropped one tier on the floor! Oops! This baking malarkey is way too much for me!)


The icing smelled amazing and reminded me of all the birthday cakes I’ve ever had which is always a lovely memory! If you’re interested where all of these cute cake toppers came from, the company is called My Cupcake Toppers!

What baking have you done this year? I bet they look a lot better than mine!


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