The Food of Love tells the story of the Braithwaite’s and their struggle to manage when their youngest daughter Lexi is diagnosed with anorexia. The Braithwaite’s consist of Freya, the mother and wife, Lockie, the father and husband, Charlotte, the oldest daughter at 17 and Lexi, the youngest daughter at 15.


This brutally honest tale of the ups and downs associated with anorexia throws you right into the middle of the drama. Amanda Prowse writes so beautifully, you feel as though you too are dining with the Braithwaite’s, sharing their struggles. Her ability to so accurately capture emotions and relay them to the reader is astonishing and a true gift.

Not only is The Food of Love beautifully written, but it is a massive eye opener into the illness that is anorexia and just how many seemingly small affairs – for example, a throwaway comment on how someone needs ‘feeding up’ – can have such a tremendous impact. This book will absolutely break you, but will also educate you on the sensitive area that is anorexia and other eating disorders.

“To point out someone’s fatness was taboo, frowned upon, but if you were thin, it was fair game.”

I identified with The Food of Love in so many ways. While never having struggled with anorexia, being thin has meant that more than a few comments about my weight have come my way, in the same way they did to Lexi. For me, The Food of Love has highlighted an issue in society that I feel very strongly about; an obsession with weight and anyone and everyone’s desire to get involved and give an opinion. One paragraph really stood out to me: “To point out someone’s fatness was taboo, frowned upon, but if you were thin, it was fair game.”

Without spoiling too much, Freya, Lockie, Lexi and Charlotte are characters so true to life. They speak, behave and act in a way that is so realistic and believable which makes the book stronger. The Food of Love doesn’t give false expectations or have characters react in ways that wouldn’t happen which gives it a certain authenticity.

To tell you the truth, I could not put this book down. I kept sneaking off to read it when I wasn’t supposed to be and when I wasn’t reading it I was thinking about when I could read it next and imagining what would happen next. I was utterly gripped and I’m praying for a sequel as I’m desperate to know whether Lexi is going to be okay, forever.

Once you pick this book up, there is no way you will be able to put it down again and it will leave you with a different perception on sensitive topics such as anorexia.

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