2016 has been a whirlwind of a year! 2016 was the year I finished university, completed a dissertation, secured my first full-time job and decided I was ready to start looking for my own place with my partner.

Finishing university and ultimately education forever was a strange feeling. I’m overjoyed at no more assignments or exams but I also miss the freedom, long holidays and mid-week days off that come with being a student. My final year was especially poignant, I moved out of home for the first time and completed a dissertation with a 2:1, a grade I worked so hard for while in the library all hours of the day. It’s been an experience and I met so many wonderful people I hope are in my life for a really long time.

I was really lucky in that the company I did my work experience for asked me to go and work for them straight out of university. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I was unable to stay on but I was offered a job by another company I’d come into contact with! I always said my ultimate career goal was to have the job title ‘Social Media Guru’…well, I’ve already completed my career goal as this is my job title! I’m very lucky to have had the opportunities I’ve had to get me where I am today but I’m also proud of how hard I’ve worked to get me here.

In the new year, my partner and I have decided we’re going to move in together! We’ve actually found a place and we’re going to be moving in the beginning of next year! I’m so excited to start our future together and be able to have our own space rather than a room in other people’s houses. We’ve been together for 4 years and now I’m working full time, we can finally afford to have our own place!


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