This post was supposed to go up about a week ago but I’ve been so ill I’ve not managed to do it!

If you kept up with my Blogmas posts, you may have noticed that I wasn’t particularly looking forward to Christmas. I think because I didn’t have very good expectations of the day I ended up having a really good time!

Christmas Eve

Out of the three days of celebrations, I think Christmas Eve was my favourite! I went for a walk in town with my boyfriend, had brunch and he bought me some roses from the local market. In the evening, I visited my grandparents with my parents, aunties, uncles and cousins which was a lot of fun! We played Cockroach Poker, had a few drinks and ate a lot of food!

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was spent with my parents opening presents and preparing Christmas Dinner, this year I was on veg duty! My main present from my parents was a camera, which I’m so pleased with! If you want to see the photos I’ve been taking with, check out my Instagram!


After the dinner was mostly sorted, we sat down to watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

After dinner, we recovered on the sofa and watched a DVD I had gotten for Christmas, Zootropolis (what a great movie! So current and relevant with a great message!). In the evening, I went round to my boyfriend’s and we exchanged gifts and chilled out watching Christmas TV! This is me loving life in my new mermaid blanket with a Pikachu! One of my presents included this adorable ceramic boxer puppy and this Pokemon painting by dorkfaceblog!

Boxing Day

In the morning, I was still at my boyfriend’s and we got up pretty early as he had work. When I got home, my parents and I had lunch with my auntie. My favourite thing about Christmas is how much food there is and that there’s so much leftover! After lunch, we exchanged gifts!


Later on in the afternoon, we went to my other auntie’s house. We played Cockroach Poker again as well as a few board games, which is another thing I love about Christmas because I love board games! One of the games we played was the Logo Quiz, which I won! We also exchanged gifts, had a few drinks and ate a lot of food! I wish I’d gotten a photo, but my auntie had the biggest pickled onions I’ve ever seen and eating one almost made me choke, but it was delicious.

This owl was a present of mine from Boxing Day!


Overall, I had a lovely day with my lovely family! I couldn’t fit all of my presents on here, as I got so many amazing presents! How was your Christmas?


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