The past few days I’ve been watching the news in horror. Watching as my fellow women from all over the world have their rights to make decisions about their own bodies taken away. Watching as women across the world have access to sexual health services diminished, aid that they desperately need just revoked with a mere signature.

The executive order Donald Trump has signed, removes funding for any international organisation that includes abortion in their services, even if it’s just advice. He has also passed the Hyde Amendment which bans any federal money from being used towards abortion.

I am not sure which I find more horrific. The fact that the Republicans – actual grown-ups with access to the Internet – seem to be horrifically misinformed about reproductive health and contraception? Or just the fact that these men have been carried by and born to women yet have the total disrespect to shit all over the rights of women as people?

It’s fine if you don’t agree with abortion, that’s your choice (this is literally what pro-choice means). But it’s despicable that some people try to use this opinion to control the choices other people can make. Because that’s what it is, just an opinion. Therefore, it cannot be right and it cannot be wrong. Interestingly, when there are safe abortions available and easy access to contraception, the abortion numbers decrease. By taking away funding for organisations that include abortions, you are taking away access to contraception. And guess what? Without contraception, the number of unwanted pregnancies is going to increase and so will the number of unsafe abortions. Unsafe abortions are the cause of 13% of maternal deaths across the world. Is that pro-life? No.

A politician in Texas said that this will make women more personally responsible as if it’s somehow possible to get pregnant by yourself (well there’s artificial insemination and sperm donors but that’s irrelevant here). What about the men who get women pregnant, consensual or non-consensual? What about the men who disappear from the child’s life never to emotionally, physically or financially support the mother and his child? What law is going to come in that makes them personally responsible for getting someone pregnant?

In reaction to women’s outrage, men on social media have been telling women to keep their legs shut so they wouldn’t end up in a position to ever need an abortion (I had a tweet lined up for this but the person deleted it…I can’t be too mad because I hope that means he’s learned something!). First of all, that’s ridiculous when the majority of abortions are given to women who have been victims of rape and incest. Secondly, in what way is it acceptable to control what a woman can and can’t do or enjoy? Thirdly, how many cases have there been where a man literally murders women because he can’t get anyone to sleep with him? Trump is clearly a man who struggles keeping it in his pants (“grab ‘em by the pussy” anyone?), would the world become more dangerous if all women decided to keep their legs closed and not sleep with any man? Rape would still happen, hell it might even increase, so abortion would still be needed.

Furthermore, why is the future of our vaginas being decided by men, who will never have any idea what it’s like to be a vagina-wielding person? Yet somehow they seem to think they know what’s best for us. If you’re a man, the only time you get to have an opinion on abortion is if you’re the father-to-be from a consensually conceived baby. And still, then, you’re not the one carrying the child or squeezing it out of you. Until that point, men should have no say, especially politically. I find it completely unforgivable that the photo of Trump signing the bill shows a group of men with not a single woman present. Not even one.

As I’m writing this post, Donald Trump has signed an executive order that bans refugees and travellers from 7 Muslim-majority countries. While I understand that ISIS is a big threat to the world, it is unreasonable to assume that refugees are plotting against the US. By signing that executive order, Trump has signed their death sentences.

Exactly who have you voted to be your President, America? I hope you’re ashamed.



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