I’m not big on Valentine’s gifts. To me, it’s just another opportunity to glean an extra few quid out of people. We should appreciate our partner’s every day not just because a date tells you to. So instead, I prefer to do something a bit special on Valentine’s Day or as near the date as possible.

Finding something that’s a little different to the usual dinner and cinema style can be tricky, so I’ve compiled a little list of things that I would enjoy as a date!

Scavenger Hunt

This idea has a lot of creative licence. You can be as romantic or as silly as you like, it all depends on your relationship and your hometown. The basic premise of this idea is to create a list of items for each other and then go out exploring, finding said items. There’s something beautifully romantic about two people running about town in hats, gloves and warm coats finding different items – like something out of a movie!


Disposable Camera

Everything is digital these days, but I’ve always loved the disposable camera, never really being sure how good the photo will turn out until after and being reminded of all those memories when the photos came back from being developed adds something extra to photo taking. You can still buy disposable cameras – at least you can on Amazon – and you could spend the day or evening photographing anything you desire! After the photos are developed, you can go back and see how the photos you took turned out! Kind of like a part 2 to the date.


Get On a Train, Go Somewhere New

There’s nothing more fun than exploring somewhere new with someone you love. Two people discovering somewhere for the first time is something that sticks in the memory, not to mention is a lot of fun as well! Yeah, I know trains are expensive, but you don’t have to go far, there are plenty of towns a couple of train stops away from me that I’ve never been to!

Cheap B&B

Probably the priciest option of the lot, but a weekend in the country or by the sea would make the perfect Valentine’s! Some B&B’s can be relatively cheap, depending on where you go! Using websites like TopRooms.com and LateRooms.com can help you find the best deals!

Blanket Forts and Movies

When I was a kid, building a blanket fort was my favourite thing to do. Having recently moved out into a place with my boyfriend, building a blanket fort is something I’ve been looking forward to doing for ages! Ordering takeout, building a blanket fort and snuggling up watching movies is my idea of a perfect night in.

community blanket fort.png
Picture from Community Wiki


Cooking Together

Cooking with my boyfriend is something I’ve always enjoyed. Over the years we’ve made our own pizzas, homemade Chinese food, breakfast baguettes, salads, spaghetti bolognese and so much more. Not only is it fun to make food together, try out different recipes and combinations but you actually get to eat the food afterwards! It’s so easy to find a recipe online and get ingredients at a discount that I feel the only issue with this date idea is deciding who has to wash up…


Farms = cute animals. Most farms have opportunities to feed lambs, calves and goats as well as hold chicks, ducklings, rabbits and guinea pigs. I’ve never heard of anyone who doesn’t care for a cute animal and cute animals are the main reason I love going to farms.

Good Ol’ Fashioned Walk

Who doesn’t love a good walk in England? Countryside, seaside or city walks, the UK has them all. The weather in February is always a little cold or even wet, but what’s cuter than donning bobble hats, a pair of wellies and going puddle jumping? Going for a walk can easily be combined with scavenger hunts or disposable cameras and it’s also a bonus if you’re a keen Pokémon trainer!

Ghost Tour

No matter the gender, everyone likes to feel needed and if your partner is easily scared, a ghost tour is the perfect date. Ghost tours are a little pricey and have to be booked up well in advance, but having been on one over Halloween I can say they’re definitely worth it! And having someone’s hand to hold is a massive bonus, I went with my cousin and we spent the whole time clinging to each other!

Sadly I don’t have any photos from the night – it was pitch black!

Lunch by the Sea

Who doesn’t love lunch with a view? Sea views are particularly beautiful, especially when it’s winter. Not everyone has the luxury of living close to the sea but lakes and rivers are similar! I live no more than an hour away from Sandbanks in Poole and the burgers in the seaside café there are just delicious!



If you’re competitive and a little bit sporty then Lazerquest is the ideal date. It’s not a hugely romantic way to spend Valentine’s either so if romance isn’t your thing, this is the date for you! Chances are you’ll probably end up playing against a group of kids and get very sweaty but it’s probably worth it!

Mini Golf

One of my boyfriend and I’s favourite thing to do is to go and play mini golf. There is no shortage of mini golf areas across the UK, some of them are incredible! February may not be the best time to go and play mini golf because of the weather but I think that pouring rain adds a bit of spice to the day!


This one is possibly more suited to long-term couples! Not all areas have an IKEA nearby but if you have one near you, why not head down there with your SO and have a look around? You could plan what your house would be like if you were to decorate or what your house goals would be if you won the lottery. Afterwards, you could even enjoy IKEA’s signature meatballs!

Video Games

Playing video games together as a date has chilled out takeaway vibes, depending on the game you play. There are tons of cute games available to play such as Disney Universe, Battleblock Theatre or Little Big Planet! But you don’t have to go for cute if you’re not into that, if scary games are more your thing there’s Slender, Amnesia and Layers of Fear. And there’s also Sims…who doesn’t love the Sims?

Share a Bubble Bath…

This one doesn’t have to be as risqué as it sounds! Lush have a whole Valentine’s range out (in fact I’ll have a haul post out next week!) and it’s the perfect opportunity to relax in the delicious smelling bubbles! And if it does get a bit risqué…well, I guess that’s an added bonus!

Thanks for reading my post! If you’ve been inspired to do any of these dates for Valentine’s or in fact any other day of the year, let me know how it went!


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