Am I the only one who didn’t realise Lush had themed products until late last year?

I really feel like I’ve missed out on something special over the last like 10 years but not knowing about Lush! How did that happen?!

Anyway, here’s my Valentine’s Lush Haul! I limited myself to £20 and came out with more than I expected plus change!


Cupid Bath Bomb

This sweet little bath bomb is made up of bergamot, rose and violet leaf!


This bath bomb smells absolutely divine! I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet but judging by the smell of it, it’s going to be a gooden!

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

This bubble bar is constructed from lavender oil and Neroli oil, the latter is said to increase serotonin levels so if you need a little pick up on Valentine’s Day, this is the bar for you!


Unicorns are seriously popular at the moment, so how could I resist the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar? I love the colours and the shiny texture and not only does it look incredible, it smells it too!

Lovestruck Bubble Bar

This bubble bar screams citrus with its lemony and geranium-y contents!


Once again, how could I resist a bubble bar that looks like my favourite emoji? Lush really know what their target market like and they pull it off every time!

Ladybird Bubble Bar

This bubble bar is made up of geranium oil for a flowery scent and peppermint oil for relaxation!


Recently, my work office has been overtaken by ladybirds and I’m not really sure why! I’ve always loved ladybirds ever since I watched A Bugs Life so I’ve been enjoying it, especially when they come and sit on my hands which they always seem to do. So I just had to get this little guy because he’s so cute!

Have you got any of the Valentine’s Lush range? Show me pics!


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