This is a shout out to anyone who’s ever been completely tongue tied when meeting a celebrity, particularly one they admire and look up to! You’re not alone!

On Monday, I saw my favourite band in the whole world, All Time Low in Southampton for the first time in 5 years. I also managed to get tickets to a pre-show signing, which meant I got to meet them and get a signed poster and CD from them.


Already my little shy brain is in a spin: what am I going to say, what if I say nothing, what if I act like a total idiot?! For days, I practised what I was going to say, trying to get it right and make it seem normal. But guess what? No amount of planning mattered cuz I ended up being a complete fool anyway.

There was a lot of people so it was a case of getting your poster signed by each person and then move along with pleasantries and a tiny bit of chit chat. I was on my own and I should’ve known¬†that would have been a recipe for disaster. The girls in the queue before me had drawn these amazing portraits of the band which unfortunately meant that this ate into my time with the band. I’m way too polite to interrupt (I’m British okay, I’m sorry) so I just stood awkwardly behind waiting for my turn. Only it never came.

I had more than enough chances to say hi and tell them how much their music means to me and how excited I was to actually meet them. But I didn’t, I couldn’t speak. The metaphorical cat had well and truly got my tongue. And now I’m probably never going to meet them again and I am honestly devastated.

Even though I was almost in tears, I still really enjoyed the gig. There’s nothing like a room of hundreds of people screaming the lyrics to all your favourite songs!


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