Today I answered the phone at work. Not a big deal right? Answering the phone is easy. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. My shyness, paired with my nervousness and fear of getting things wrong or making mistakes, makes answering the phone is a battlefield.

It takes me a few seconds to build up the nerve to pick up the phone and once I have my heart is hammering out my chest. Small talk face to face is hard enough but without the social cues of body language, facial expressions and gestures, over the phone I’m pretty much screwed.

Long story short, I really fluffed up a phone call. I was too shy to stand my ground and I ended up looking really stupid and in turn made the company I work for look the same. Of course, I couldn’t get the incident out of my head for the next week…longer than my average day of worrying.

I feel like a failure. I mean, I can’t even answer a simple phone call? Why does the sound of a telephone fill me with such dread? What makes me feel worse is how easy everyone around me seems to find it.

Does anyone else feel the same about the telephone? If you’re confident or you’ve overcome telephone-shyness, how?! Please tell me!


One thought on “Diary of a Shy Girl: Entry #4 – Phone Calls

  1. I’m also the absolute worst at phone calls, but unfortunately I’ve had to make a lot of them recently due to a project. I just try to smile while I’m talking (it really works!) To sound more pleasant and hopefully less terrified… I also try to plan our some of what I want to say. It’s also nice to remember that they can’t see you while you’re calling. We should all remember not to be too hard on ourselves though, even if we screw up ❤ best wishes, c. 😊


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