If you know me well enough or read my blog posts last year, you’ll know that I don’t just celebrate my birthday on the actual day. I like to drag out my celebrations all week long.

It also wouldn’t be my birthday if I didn’t wear a silly hat…


Marwell Zoo

The first part of my birthday celebrations was a meet up with my uni besties who I haven’t seen since our Graduation and a trip to the zoo!

The sun was shining just a tiny bit so the animals were doing a bit more than lay around. In the past 6 months, Marwell has had 2 baby leopards and 3 baby tigers but they grow quickly so they weren’t particularly little anymore, still cute, though! As it was getting close to spring when we visited, a lot of the animals were getting a bit frisky which always leads to a good laugh!

This was the first time I’ve been to a zoo with my new camera and I took some really great photos, which I didn’ think I was capable of! The only issue with taking a camera is that it’s heavy and I spent the whole day terrified I would drop it.

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As Lili’s birthday was a few weeks before mine, we exchanged gifts over lunch! After about 5 hours at the zoo and our feet suitably sore, we decided to head back into town for a bite to eat at The Diner.

Chessington Zoo

During my birthday week, I visited another zoo, this time Chessington with my boyfriend Jon! I hadn’t been there since I was a kid and always had fond memories of it so I wanted to go back. Plus I’ve been to all of the zoos in the local area a million times so I wanted to go somewhere a bit newer.

Chessington is mostly a theme park with a zoo section and it was the first day of opening after the winter so there was a lot of kids and families. It was packed! I had a really great time regardless, again taking photos with my camera.

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We ended the day out with a Chinese takeaway and a nice little sit down on the sofa!

Afternoon Tea

On my actual birthday, I had breakfast in bed and a nice relaxing morning at home before being treated to afternoon tea! We had a range of sandwiches, cakes and tea as well as a cheeky glass of champagne at The Grand Cafe! I can definitely recommend The Grand Cafe, the food was amazing, the staff were lovely and the atmosphere was incredible.

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The rest of my birthday was spent with my family, enjoying a few bevs and cake! All in all, it was the perfect birthday!


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