With his boyish charm and unashamed demonstration of shagging a dog, Russell Howard was spectacular as always.

This was my first time watching a comedian live and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I had visions of being picked on and then laughed at by the whole audience. Deep down I knew this wouldn’t happen but I’d seen enough of Al Murray’s sketches to be worried!

None of this happened, obviously, and I had an amazing evening! Our seats in the Bournemouth International Centre were really good, especially considering how late I got the tickets. We could see Russell Howard and his support act Steve Williams perfectly and didn’t have to rely on the screens too much.

It’s impossible to remember every joke told by Russell Howard, but I do know that my cheeks ached from laughing afterwards. Some of his most poignant jokes mocked figures with a constant presence in the limelight, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Piers Morgan and not to mention the cast of Geordie Shore, TOWIE and Made in Chelsea. It’s always encouraging hearing celebrities you look up to share the same political opinions as you!

There was a common theme to Howard’s jokes, enjoy the now and do what makes you happy. This realisation hit him after going to schools and learning of the difficulties facing young people and the death of his nan and his grandad. It was almost as though he had made it his mission to spread joy Round the World and encourage us to live life to the fullest.

Though he was suffering with a sore throat, Russell still gave his all in his performance! Having been one of my favourite comedians for almost 10 years, I’m so happy I got to see him live! If you like silly humour or you watched Russell Howard’s Good News, you’ll love him live.


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