Everyone has been raving about Bill’s…all I’ve heard since the opening of the Watermark is that Bill’s Breakfast is the one.

Well, I got up early(ish) one Saturday to go and see what all the fuss was about and I can confirm that Bill’s Breakfast is indeed the one! I can’t comment on the other meal times at Bill’s but breakfast I sure can!


I ordered a fruit smoothie to try and it was delicious but because it was a fruit smoothie there was a lot of pips. I’m really not a fan of pips and I struggle with anything that is thicker than water, even yoghurts make me gag a little. I don’t know what’s wrong with me but there we go. But it was delicious and it looked really cute too!


I ordered bacon and pancakes because who doesn’t love American pancakes? I was actually torn between the scrambled eggs and bacon because at the moment I’m obsessed with scrambled egg. I didn’t regret my choice though because it was absolutely delicious!


Bill’s interior is really classy but homely at the same time. The lights are similar to lampshades and the shelves have little mason jars with food that is actually purchasable. Some of the products are little chocolates and some are things to try and emulate the great taste at Bill’s!



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