13 Reasons Why makes for uncomfortable viewing. And that’s a good thing.

If you watch 13 Reasons Why and don’t feel uncomfortable then you’re either a truly nice person or someone who does not give a fuck.

I think almost everyone can recall a moment where they’ve made a comment about someone else. The comment may have been a joke or a bit of banter, but it probably wasn’t to the person you said it about. I know I can. And I can also recall comments aimed at me as well. School can be a difficult place as a teenager, everyone’s trying to fit in and find themselves as well. Half the time the comments are forgotten in an instant, especially by the person who said it. I know I’m guilty of it though I can’t remember exactly what I said. But I can remember everything said to me as though it were said 5 minutes ago.

It’s so easy to go along with the crowd at school because the fear of being different is almost too much. That was the lesson I took longest to learn: it’s okay to have a different opinion to those around you. It doesn’t make you weird or wrong, it’s just different. And you should definitely stand up for what you think is right even if everyone else thinks you’re wrong. (Is that a quote from Captain America Civil War?)

13 Reasons Why deals with important issues that are far too common during the formative years of our lives and unlike most other media set in school, felt chillingly real. The most triggering of scenes, last just a bit longer than was comfortable, to really hit the point home.

Some have hailed 13 Reasons Why as the most important show to watch and others have disgraced it as an insult to those with mental illness – I agree with the former. Whatever you think, the message from 13 Reasons Why is clear: just be fucking nice.






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