Diary of a Shy Girl: Entry #7 – Travel

For this week’s edition of Diary of a Shy Girl, I’m handing over to Larissa, a fellow shy person!

P.s all of her links will be at the bottom of this blog post! Happy reading!

Hi. My name is Larissa and I’m shy. I’m also a lover of travelling. These two things usually don’t go hand-in-hand. When I think of people who travel, the adjectives that come to mind include outgoing, talkative, adventurous, and exciting. If I was describing myself to someone, I definitely would not use any of these adjectives.

All my life, I have used the word shy to describe myself. Remember those ‘get to know you’ activities back in grade school? The ones where you’d have to try and describe yourself to your classmates? I always dreaded those activities. The last thing I ever wanted to do was get in front of my class and present myself. As I progressed through the grades, many adjectives changed, but the one that stuck, was shy.

There are many opportunities –great, amazing opportunities—that I just let pass me by, because I’m too shy to speak up. I’m too worried about the ‘what ifs’. What if I get rejected? What if I fail? What if I don’t dress the right way? What if I don’t measure up to their expectations? It’s truly stressful. So it’s easier to just watch the chance as it goes by. It’s really annoying that I sabotage myself this way, especially when I know deep down that I am good enough. But I always have that little voice saying, ‘But what if you’re not?’ And boom. That voice usually wins, time and time again.

A lot of times, my shyness gets misunderstood as meanness or rudeness. And I hate that. If you take the time to really get to know me, you’ll realize I’m not either. Or at least I don’t try to be. Like when I get invited to things, it’s an honor and a horror. If I’m only going to know one person there, or even a handful, there is a 99% chance I will decline the invitation. Not because I don’t want to go {because I usually do}, but because the thought of being where I’m surround by people gives me anxiety to begin with. And if I’m not going to know most of them, yeah, I’m out! I want to tell people, ‘It’s not you. It’s me!’ But that line has become so cliché nowadays, that it rarely gets believed. Only it is the truth when it comes to me.

Travelling as a shy individual with anxiety, comes with its own set of problems; however, it forces me to slip out of my comfort zone, if even for a moment. I’ve had truly amazing experiences while on the road. When I think about my adventures, sometimes it’s hard to believe that it was me during those trips. Would you believe me if I said: I’ve hitchhiked in France. I’ve stayed in stranger’s homes. I’ve let a random man show me the city of Milan. I’ve travelled solo to Europe. I’ve eaten meals with people I’d only met that day. I’ve gone to the movies and the beach myself. Now does that sound like something that I would do? Hahaha…no, it doesn’t. But somehow I’ve done all that…and more.

There’s so much more to me than being shy, or having anxiety. Travelling allows me to share that side. Of course it’s not always easy. There are times when I have to tell myself to ‘just breathe’ and ‘it’ll be okay’. There are other times when I have internal debates with myself about going to talk to that random person, or even as simple as getting up on the plane to use the bathroom. It’s always a big accomplishment when I achieve even the smallest of things.

My name is Larissa and I’m shy. I’m also a lover of travelling. These two things usually don’t go hand-in-hand; however, in this case, they do.

About Larissa


Larissa is a girl who loves to travel. She loves experiencing new places, new cultures, new things, and new foods. Her ultimate goal is to become a citizen of the world. In her down time, she also enjoys reading, writing, and cooking & baking… because to her it’s another way to experience adventure!

Want to learn more? She can be found at:

Blog: www.lifewithlarissa.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lifewithlarissa

Twitter: www.twitter.com/life_w_larissa

Instagram: www.instagram.com/life_w_larissa

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/lifewithlarissa

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf_gxeXocxV_4zsQH5x2klg


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