This post started off about photography and kind of progressed into vlogging and being in public alone…

Blogging and photography goes hand in hand. For Christmas I received a camera from my parents and I’ve been having a blast figuring out how to use it and taking lots of amazing pictures. But there’s one issue: I’m terrified of being judged when I’m out alone taking photos.

It’s not unusual to see someone with a phone or camera in front of their face these days. Photography and vlogging are pretty common and you see all the big bloggers and vloggers out videoing themselves and taking photos with a pretty backdrop. But for some reason I can’t stop thinking about what someone else is thinking of me when I’m taking a photo or whether they’re judging me for not using my camera properly (I’m a total newbie with no idea what I’m doing).

At the same time, I feel like it doesn’t matter if people are judging or looking, because chances are they’re probably not! Why does my shyness make me act weird? I realised a long time ago that when I think people are looking at me or laughing at me I become insanely paranoid. Half the time people aren’t looking or laughing, it’s just that I’ve looked up or tuned in at the wrong moment. Most people have mistaken this for vanity, that I think people are looking at me because I’m so amazing, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I’ve always loved the idea of doing YouTube or even a podcase, I’d love to talk about books or shyness in a different platform, but I just can’t. I’ve tried, believe me, but I can’t. As soon as a camera or mic is on me, even if I’m by myself, I revert to the shy girl meeting people for the first time unable to speak. I’m the same when just taking a photo, if I can’t see what I look like in the screen, I become an awkward mess and all photos of me not taken like a selfie are horrendous. Which makes me nervous that that’s what I look like at all times…oh god.

I wish I had some tips for overcoming shyness on camera or in public alone participating in a hobby but I’m not quite there yet! If you’ve got any tips please tweet me @trisarahtops211 or comment here!


5 thoughts on “Diary of a Shy Girl: Entry #8 – Public Hobbies

  1. Hi Sarah, no reason to feel akward when out with a cam. Noone really notices you. On my blog I have a couple posts with tips how to shoot inconspiciously and even how to shoot portraits of strangers in the streets. Most important: Have fun and shoot a lot, relaxation comes with routine. Marcus

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  2. I am right there with you Sarah! I actually do have a vlog, but I am so self-conscious when it comes to videoing myself out in public. Half of the vlogs I want to create, I can’t because I don’t have enough footage due to my lack of confidence. I find it’s easier to pull out the camera in public when I’m with someone I know and trust, like my family. Other times, I literally have to force myself to just do it! It’s a lot easier said than done, but when I actually do get footage, I’m so grateful because it’s such a great way to create memories to look back on!


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