Behind Closed Doors is the unsettling tale of Grace, her sister Millie, and her husband Jack. At first, everything seems perfect, but some aspects of their relationship don’t seem to be normal.

As the story progresses, Grace’s predicament is revealed and so is just how much danger she and her sister Millie is in. The aspects of the relationship that seemed a little off turn out to be completely off and that there is something seriously wrong with Jack.

Behind Closed Doors follow the same structure that you’ll know I love if you’ve read my book reviews before. The alternating chapter style is something I can’t resist and find my whizzing through the book faster than normal. In Behind Closed Doors, the chapters alternated between then past and present, detailing exactly how Grace found herself in this situation and her desperate attempts to escape it. Towards the end, the past and present come together as the story comes to a resolution.

From the way Behind Closed Doors progressed I was certain of the ending but B.A Paris went completely another way. I wish the ending had gone on longer and wrapped up a few loose ends that weren’t tied as neat as I would have liked! One character, Ester, held a lot of importance in the story and her involvement was hinted at rather than explicitly explained.

Overall, I couldn’t put this book down and even though it was clear how awful a human Jack is, I was still surprised and shocked at how the next awful thing he did. If you love books like Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train, you will love Behind Closed Doors.


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