I think I love the idea of all you can eat more than I love the reality.

Upon arriving at Cosmo, we followed a stream of people into the restaurant. I figured this was good as so many people wouldn’t come to a bad restaurant, would they? There wasn’t a lot of order to what was going on and there weren’t enough seats for the number of people that had just arrived so we just had to hover and wait to be taken to a seat. A lot of restaurants have a system to make sure the people who have been waiting longer get a seat first but that didn’t seem to be the case at Cosmo.

Cosmo had the biggest selection of food that I think I’ve ever seen at an all you can eat restaurant which was pretty exciting! I am a huge lover of Chinese food so I spent most of my time over in that section, particularly with the egg fried rice and spring rolls. The food was absolutely delicious and you could see all the chefs cooking the food in front of you which is a nice touch.

I’ve already mentioned the huge stream of people that arrived at Cosmo at the same time as I did and the other customers proved to be an issue the whole time I was at the restaurant. Half of the people at the restaurant appeared to forget one of the things we Brits are famous for: queueing! Instead of moving around the restaurant in a sensible queue, people were pushing, shoving and barging past you to make sure they got what food they wanted. Being pushed and shoved when you’re holding a plate with a mountain of food on is never good. This behaviour wasn’t even warranted, there was more than enough food to go around for everyone!

I loved the food but I didn’t love how the basic manners of some people completely went out the window as soon as food was present. Next time I think I’ll visit when it’s much quieter!


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