To celebrate the birthday of the lovely and incredibly talented Amanda Prowse, I’m here to review The Idea of You.

The Idea of You tackles the heartbreaking subject of miscarriage and the struggles that come with it. Neither I or anyone in my life has ever experienced a miscarriage yet somehow Amanda managed to make me completely understand how devastating it is.

The ending was bittersweet and I would’ve definitely preferred a happier ending but real life doesn’t always have the happy ending we want. I really admire authors who keep their stories true to real life rather than give a happy ending when this isn’t always the case.  I couldn’t stop reading because I was desperate for Lucy’s life to turn out the way she hoped as if she was a close friend of mine.

Amanda writes so brilliantly about real issues that affect real people. In a world of sci-fi and fantasy, real life issues can sometimes be a huge help to people going through them. Being able to connect with characters that are dealing with similar issues makes people feel less alone. They’re also great for the loved ones of people going through similar troubles as it gives an insight into how people may be dealing with something devastating like a miscarriage.

I definitely recommend giving The Idea of You a read, it might come with a huge trigger warning, but it is incredibly insightful. The Idea of You is a beautifully written tale of heartbreak and sorrow but also gives the important message of always being appreciative of what you do have, even if it doesn’t always work out the way you hoped.


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