BLOG TOUR: The Silence – Katy Eachus

I don’t think I’ve ever been so hooked on a book! The plot and idea behind The Silence were so original and I’ve never come across anything like it before. As the story developed, I had no idea how it was going to end and what sort of twist was coming next. There was no way that I would’ve guessed how it would end and what the outcome would be.

The Silence is the story of Abby who is harbouring one hell of a secret. A secret that is a ticking time bomb ready to shatter the whole life she’s built for herself. When she was young she was involved in an incident that left some people without their lives.

Without spoiling too much, my favourite thing about The Silence was how the true nature of each character was slowly revealed, especially Abby. At first, it seemed her quest to find out what happened that fateful night was to put the past to rest but it turned out she was looking for any way she could avoid criminalising herself. The revelation that she could get away with it shocked me as I’d come to like Abby and had a lot of sympathy for her. Okay, I kind of spoiled a little here….oops!

I am desperate to know more. I want to know what happened in the rest of the investigation and what happened to Abby and her family.


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