BLOG TOUR: Promised Lies – Marguerite Ashton

It’s my turn on the blog tour of Promised Lies by Marguerite Ashton! For this post, I’ve got a Q&A with the author herself!

What process do you follow for your writing? Are you a planner or do you just let it flow? Straight to PC or pen and paper?

When writing my books, if an idea for another book hits me, I jot it down in one of my many notebooks. When it’s time to go over the notes, I talk it out with my husband. For the law enforcement side, I contact my cop friends to see if I can get away with the story line.

Sometimes I can be editing one manuscript, or working on the latest promo and the idea hits, and I write the scene. But it really helps me to let it flow, then organize it later.

Do you attend writing/author focused conferences? Which is your favourite?

I have attended some online conferences, which have helped me.  My suggestion is that all writers try to attend a conference or two every so often.  It helps us connect, sharpen our skills, and prepare for the battle of getting to our final manuscript.  One that I’ve attended more than once, is conducted by my friend Lee Lofland.  It’s called the Writers Police Academy. 

At WPA, writers attend for a weekend, go through informational and hands on experiences just like the officers in training do.  From shallow grave work to actual range time with firearms training, writers get to see into the world of law enforcement officers.

How many manuscripts do you have that you never submitted? Will you consider approaching your publisher with them now?

I’m a prolific writer.  I love to write.

If I’m stuck on a novel, I change manuscripts and genre to give my mind a break.  My favourite genres are Crime Fiction and YA.

Once they are completed, yes, I will submit them. 

My publisher is known for a crime fiction focus.  My other genres don’t lend themselves to that focus.  I will let them know of these other manuscripts, but it is up to them if it fits their pool of themes that they are known for. 

What one piece of advice do you wish you received before you started writing? What one piece of intended good advice, wasn’t what it seemed?

The advice I wish I would have received would be the fact that in this new social media, self-published and technological age, I would be spending so much of my time being a promoter, PR, marketer, and all the other nuances to help get my books into the reader’s, agents, or publishers field of view.

I want to write my scenes, focus on my characters, and plan the next three-book set.  It all comes with the dreams of an aspiring author.  If you want to succeed, nothing beats hard work, research and persistence in pursuing your dreams. 

What is your favourite thing about the whole writing process?

Rewrites. Plain and simple. I like to take my ideas, rework them, polish them as needed, and fix things that sounded good at the time, but lost something after I saved my files.

Was there a particular book that made you sit up and think ‘that’s it, I’m going to be an author too’?

There really isn’t one. I found my desire to write from within and hope I write well enough for people to enjoy the stories and messages I create.

Who do you envisage as playing your characters if your book was ever turned into a movie?

If my book was turned into a movie, the people who I see playing these roles are as follows:

Gabrielle Union – Lily Blanchette

Ryan Reynolds – Evan York

Zoe Saldana – Morgan Danvers

Denzel Washington – Sarge

Liam Hemsworth – Alec Weber

Jennifer Lewis – Deena Blanchette

-Kevin Costner – Collin Blanchette

What do you consider is your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment may sound old fashioned as I write this on Mother’s Day.  But I’m proud of the job I continue to do for my five kids.  My husband and I work hard to give our kids the tools they need to not only survive in our modern world, but succeed in their own ways. 

Being a writer is my dream job, trying to reach out to my readers with a message and entertain them with a good story, but being a mother of 5 children, while being a writer, is my greatest accomplishment so far.

You can buy Promised Lies here.


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