Bournemouth Spa Day

Two Sundays ago, I spent an incredibly relaxing day at the Hallmark Hotel Bournemouth Spa.

The hotel is situated a stone’s throwaway from Bournemouth Beach and though it is a cheaper alternative to some spas in the area, it didn’t really feel like it! Sure, it was a little tatty in some places, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to a hotel that isn’t.

The spa was located underground which for me gave it an extra relaxing feel as we were, what felt like, a million miles away from the hubbub of the hotel restaurant and family pool. The pool and reception were dimly lit which automatically made me feel at ease and very sleepy! We were given a tour of the spa and then a robe and a pair of slippers to change into when we put our bikinis on.

My first treatment was a massage and it was just perfect. The massage lasted 25 minutes but I think that’s just enough time. If you’ve read any of my blog posts before you’ll know how much I love ASMR and a massage gives me the same tingly relaxing feeling in my head. The music, the dim lighting and the attention being all on me remind me of when I was a child and my mum used to stroke my back until I fell asleep. After my massage, I sat in the waiting room with all the wedding magazines while my friend got a facial.

After our treatments, we relaxed in the pool area gossiping and catching up. We had about 2 hours in between our first treatment and lunch and we used the time to try out every pool, whirlpool and different rooms. The rooms included a sauna, steam room, aromatherapy cave and relaxation lounge. Our favourite was the relaxation lounge as it was the coolest of the rooms and had lounge chairs in. If I wasn’t so hungry I probably would have fallen asleep, it was so relaxing.

For lunch, we feasted on afternoon tea but it proved a little too posh and not enough for us as we found ourselves asking for chips! It felt a little funny sitting in our robes in the middle of a restaurant but also incredibly posh at the same time. There were lots of other groups of women and couples in the restaurant as well so I didn’t feel too self-conscious.

After lunch, we had another cheeky swim and then went off to get a manicure. Naturally, I picked purple for my nails and getting a manicure is the only time that my nails get done properly. I’m so rubbish at it and I’ve spent about 4 years trying to convince my boyfriend to do it for me but he’s so far resisted. I was really impressed at how long my nail polish lasted on for, normally it’s only on for a few days.

I had the best day with my bestie for her birthday and not only was I incredibly relaxed afterwards, I also slept like a baby! Spa days are one of my favourite things to do, they’re just a bit expensive to do too often. I wish I had taken some photos but I was too busy relaxing and incredibly nervous that I would lose my phone and drop it in the water…


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