Working full time over summer is a huge shock to the system after having full summers off at school, college and university. This summer I’ve decided to enjoy as much of the weekends as possible and complete my summer wish list!

Chester Zoo

Until my housemate’s girlfriend mentioned how great Chester Zoo looks, I didn’t know much about it even though I’d watched The Secret Life at the Zoo. Chester Zoo is something like the biggest zoo in England! At the end of July, I’m actually going to Chester Zoo for a little weekend away with my boyfriend for our 5 year anniversary and our housemate and his girlfriend!


I have really fond memories of going to Southsea with my parents, going to the Blue Reef Aquarium and enjoying fish and chips on the beach! So I’ve been wanting to go back for a while and I recently found out that there is a mini golf course there so I’ve been desperate to go even more!

New Tattoo

It’s been over a year since my last tattoo *gasp!* so it’s definitely time for me to get another one! For my next tattoo I’d either like a Beauty and the Beast rose or a tiny cute triceratops.

My tattoo wish list is on Pinterest here.

Tiny Ponies

A couple of weeks ago a colleague of mine posted some photos of her and her kids with the tiniest ponies I’ve ever seen (think lil Sebastian style)! They run wild in the New Forest and are naturally pretty friendly because of this!

A Nice Garden

I live in a rented property and as is the usual in rented properties the garden is pretty ming. We’ve been trying to sort it out for a while with flowers and grass seeds but so far not a lot has worked. I’m determined to get the garden in shape for garden parties!

New Forest Bike Ride

For ages now I’ve wanted to hire a bike and cycle either down Bournemouth beach or in Brockenhurst. Hopefully, I can make this dream come true this summer!

Alpaca Walking

I did this for my birthday a few years ago and I’ve wanted to do it again for ages! Living in the New Forest is very fortunate as there is so many different opportunities like this around and there is one pretty close to where I live!

I’ve already booked this in and I’ll be doing it on the 22nd July!

Lymington Sea Baths

A couple of weeks ago I went to Lymington and didn’t realise how hot it would be so didn’t take my swimming costume and royally missed out! The Lymington Sea Baths are a section of the sea that’s been portioned off from the sea into a swimming pool shape. In the swimming pool is an inflatable total wipeout style course which looks awesome!


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