Three girls. Three lives entirely different thrown together when they become roommates in college. Twenty years on and the friendship is still going strong but for the wrong reasons.

The title of Campbell’s novel had me intrigued the second I saw it on Pinterest and I instantly bought it.

Throughout the novel, my opinions on each character changed with each chapter as secrets began to uncover themselves. Aubrey, poor and desperate to please, was somehow irritating yet endearing. Kate, wildly unstable, reminded me of an anglerfish: her beauty enticed anyone and everyone in but she was deadly. Jenny: selfish, self-centered but selfless all in one, her attitude towards her roommates gave the vibe that she thought she was better than them and she expected rewards and gratification for everything she did.

Each character had their faults that caused life-changing situations, which I will not spoil. The story is so carefully constructed that each chapter builds up different scenarios that define each character’s personality and contributes towards their actions later on. The chapters flicked between the past and the present, and you’ll know if you’ve read my reviews before that I love this style of writing!

The story took so many twists and turns that I did not see the ending coming at all. It’s not often that I don’t guess the killer or have at least a little bit of an inkling who did it. I know it may seem like it would be obvious who the killer is with the title of the book but read it and you will think differently!



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