Having withdrawal symptoms from Death in Paradise? Did you know there are books written by the writer of the show as well?

If you’re like me and can’t wait till January (I think?) then indulging in the books is definitely a great way to pass the time until the next series!

The best thing about the books is that they work similarly to the TV show, the episodes work standalone as well as in a full series. The two books I have read by Robert Thorogood (the writer of the Death in Paradise series) are A Meditation on Murder and The Killing of Polly Carter.

I enjoyed both books as much as I do the show, especially since I had gotten to know the characters in the show which meant that I could visualise their mannerisms easily. It was also a pleasant surprise to have D.I Richard Poole back again! As much as I love Kris Humphries as Humphrey Goodman, I have missed the grumpiness and pernickety mannerisms of Richard!

I don’t want to reveal anything about either book in fear of giving away anything that could inadvertently reveal the killer! But rest assured the books are really great, in my opinion. The only issue I had with the books is how I had gotten used to the story being revealed in the space of an hour but with a book, obviously, it’s a lot slower to reveal everything!

The books are just as clever as the show and Thorogood writes his characters as though they are his oldest friends he knows inside out. I definitely recommend giving the Death in Paradise books a read if you’re a fan of the show!


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