Christmas. Magic. Santa. Dinosaurs. The Christmasaurus is filled from cover to cover with ounces and ounces of it all.

But what makes it an extra special book is one little boy, the star of the show, William Trundle. William’s story packs a powerful message: being nice is the best superpower you can have, especially when you’re unaware of the true goings on of someone’s life. This lesson is taught to William by the Christmasaurus himself but to see the scenario around the lesson unfold you’ll have to read the book yourself!

Another important lesson is about individuality. The Christmasaurus is the only living dinosaur in the world and William is the only child at his school in a wheelchair. While it takes them a while to overcome the sensitive subject that is individuality, they both get there in the end after a few blips in the journey! I believe this is such an important lesson for young people to learn as when you’re growing up there’s nothing worse than feeling like an outsider among peers. The truth is, we are all individual and no two people are exactly the same and the sooner we embrace our individuality the better.

The Christmasaurus is the first book I have ever read about a child who uses a wheelchair. I was really impressed with how Tom Fletcher incorporated it into the story and it was obvious he’d worked really hard to portray wheelchair users and their carers correctly by partnering with Whizzkids. I also had no idea that William was in a wheelchair until I started to read The Christmasaurus which I thought was great as well. The promotion wasn’t centred all around how Tom is doing something really out there by talking about children in wheelchairs. Instead the promotion was all around the Christmasaurus and William slotted in the same way he would have if he weren’t in a wheelchair, which is exactly how it should be!

The Fletchers continue to go above and beyond with their progressiveness and honesty. They are such great role models for parents, children and young men and women everywhere, they are a blessing to follow on social media! I give The Christmasaurus the highest of recommendations regardless of whether you are an adult or a child.

Also, here is me, meeting Tom and getting my book signed!


*I really hope the terminology I’ve used is correct, if not please tell me so I know for the future*


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