There’s still a whole month and a half ish until summer is officially over -sob- but I’ve completed most of my summer wish list! Which is pretty handy as the weather has gone significantly downhill this past week!

Chester Zoo

Last week me, my boyfriend and our housemates embarked on a trip to Chester and Wales! We’ve religiously watched The Secret Life of the Zoo so it was pretty exciting to finally get to Chester Zoo. The journey there was rough, it took 2 hours longer than it should have so as soon as we arrived in Wales (like 10 minutes over the border) we ate at the OK diner and crashed.

The next day we got up mega early and arrived in rainy Chester for opening time to make sure we got to enjoy a full day of the zoo. I was so happy I took my wellies as it absolutely chucked it down for most of the morning! Chester Zoo is without a doubt the best zoo I have been too and I was so impressed at how each exhibit was put together entirely with the animal in mind. A zoo is the only place where you can say that not being able to see an animal is kind of a good thing as it means they’ve got somewhere to hide from the public if they want.

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We had one more full day of our trip so we decided to explore the Welsh countryside and found a cute little waterfall. Wales is beautiful and it was so fascinating to see road signs in both English and Welsh.

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My boyfriend and I had a lovely day in Southsea a few weekends back where we strolled along the beach, shared a portion of chips, walking around a rock garden and playing mini golf.

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The weather was amazing and Southsea is beautiful as well! Not only is there a beach and mini golf but also an aquarium, a D-Day museum and a pier with fun fair rides. It was so nice to explore somewhere new for a change!

Alpaca Walking

For my birthday, a couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to walk an alpaca! I enjoyed it so much but I haven’t had a chance to do it again until recently. The local alpaca farm was hosting a day of alpaca walking so I went along with my friend and her sister!


The alpaca I walked was named Flint and he was the most unique looking alpaca I have ever seen. I find being around animals so calming especially ones as fluffy as alpacas!


New Tattoo

So, this week I can reveal that I got another tattoo! My latest tat is, unsurprisingly, a triceratops! I thought about getting the triceratops that is my blog logo but I decided to go a little simpler and got this guy instead! I’m so in love with it and can’t stop looking at it!



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