New York City, probably one of the most famous cities in the world with its streets and parks popping up in films and tv shows in almost every genre. Friends, How I Met Your Mother, The Princess Diaries, That Awkward Moment, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones…the list goes on and on.

New York has consistently looked incredible and has always been somewhere I wanted to visit and last week I finally did! Previously, Orlando, Florida was the only place in the US I had visited and because it’s Disney oriented everyone is happy and friendly. New York is totally the opposite. The city is the definition of impatient with lifts, cars, taxis, subways and people speeding through life. After getting used to the constant background noise of sirens and horns, the UK is eerily quiet.

Anyway, onto the bits you’d rather see, the photos!

Times Square

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Statue of Liberty


Empire State Building

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Central Park

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We booked our holiday through Thomson and although there were a few minor hiccups overall we were so pleased with the hotel and location we chose! We stayed on the edge of Hell’s Kitchen in The Belvedere Hotel, with a glimpse of the tip of Times Square from our room window. I felt a lot safer than I thought I would in New York even at night and our hotel went out of their to help us with some of the issues we had even though they were because of the hotel.


New York is utterly indescribable. I’d been told by several people that it is amazing but no amount of words can prepare you for just how incredible it is.


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