I’ve always thought it better to read the book after the movie, contrary to popular belief that it should be the other way around. I’ve always found watching the film first means you get to enjoy that without comparing it to the book and then by watching the book after you get to see all the parts missed out by the film in the book. This way it’s not a disappointment.

I applied this logic to The Lucky One and was 100% not disappointed. I already loved the film adaptation (Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling – no complaints from me!) and I loved the book as well because it added so much more to the story. Something The Lucky One book has was narration by both Logan, Beth, and Keith. I loved the deeper insight into each character and the full exploration into their feelings. Keith is a disgusting character in the film but the book takes his wretchedness to a whole new level, which ignites great sympathy for Beth.

While I was disgusted by Keith, I loved how much detail went into Logan’s sections of the book. In the film, he’s portrayed as mostly mysterious but the book allows a deeper insight into each character. Although I love film Logan, it barely scratches the surface of his character. For me reading the book after watching the film is like reading an article about your favourite celebrity and then going onto Wikipedia to find out every detail you would ever possibly need to know.

Nicholas Sparks is kind of the king of romance novels with so many being turned into films. If you’re a fan of the film, I definitely recommend giving The Lucky One a read, you will not be disappointed!


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