Autumn is my favourite time of year. Throughout the whole season, I’m just filled with a bubbling excitement because I just love it so much! Not everyone loves autumn (as I found out in a heated debate yesterday) but I thought I’d write a little list of why it’s my favourite.

  • Cosy nights in

There’s nothing better than snuggling up under a blanket to watch some trashy tv.

  • Hats, scarves, coats, boots and gloves

I feel so cute in a hat and scarf – and no one can tell me otherwise

Autumn wall - candid.jpg

  • The colours

Just before the leaves fall they go brown and orange making everything look so beautiful.


  • Pumpkin picking and carving

Even though I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, I adore going to a pumpkin patch and picking pumpkins. I genuinely just had a jolt of excitement go through me thinking about this.

  • Halloween!

Although I’m not big on fancy dress, I still really enjoy Halloween. I like decorating the house and having trick or treaters. It’s such a novelty to be on the other side of the door giving out sweets, it’s like handing out joy.

  • Crispy leaves

I always go out of my way to crunch a really good leaf. Here is a video of me enjoying leaves. Enjoy.

  • Rain

I find that I’m motivated to write when it’s chucking it down, it feels super cosy too.

  • Autumnal clothes

As soon as autumn kicks in, I’m straight onto New Look’s website buying all sorts of knitwear I really don’t need! I am particularly partial to a tartan skirt, jeans, boots and a cosy jumper. Oh and a hat! Definitely a hat!

  • The word autumnal!

Possibly my favourite word ever?

  • Beef stew and dumplings

When Storm Brian kicked in, my mum made a beef stew with homemade dumplings. So. Good.

  • Halloween baking

You may have seen my previous post about baking so I won’t repeat myself. But you can read it here.

  • Did I mention hats?!


  • Autumn walks

This kind of ties in with the crispy leaves but I love going for walks in autumn, in my little bobble hat and boots, crunching leaves left right and centre.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Autumn lipstick

I definitely didn’t buy 5 lipsticks the other day. Definitely not.

  • Firework night

I don’t know what it is about fireworks but they always get me so emotional. Especially in Disney, I’m always blubbing like a big baby!

What are you favourite things about autumn? Or what do you hate about autumn?


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