The book vs the movie is always a controversial debate. Book lovers with argue to the death about how the book is better and those who haven’t read the book will defiantly disagree. The truth is, the book will always be better. But this doesn’t necessarily mean the movie is bad.

Books aren’t limited to a two and a half hour window the same way as movies are and neither do they have a budget. It is virtually impossible to include every single aspect of a story in a film, particularly for books like Stephen King’s IT or Harry Potter. Can you imagine how long IT would have been if everything was included? It’s already been broken into 2 chapters! Or Harry Potter? Would it necessarily have been worth it for those extra minutes just to see Peeves?

When you read, how you picture the book is entirely individual to you. When some director comes along and adapts the book to film, how the film looks is how they imagined the book. Everyone will have always have differing opinions. How I pictured the scene where Harry uses Sectumsempra on Draco was completely different to how it looked in the film, but I still like the scene in the film. I love the Harry Potter book and movie series just as much as each other but in different ways.

One of the most memed clips from Harry Potter is this:

goblet of fire


Personally, I’ve never felt the anger behind this change in Dumbledore’s tone. While I understand that the change in the film goes directly against the book and perhaps against Dumbledore’s normally controlled demeanor, I am of the opinion that his anger works well in the scene. For me, it highlights just how much danger Harry has found himself in, particularly as a boy who has had more murder attempts against him than a boy of 14 should. If the normally calm and collected Dumbledore can lose it like that, then the shit has well and truly hit the fan. Also, later on in the series, it is revealed that Dumbledore has essentially been keeping Harry safe until he is able to defeat Voldemort and the Horcrux within him, it makes sense that Dumbledore would be concerned his plan could potentially be foiled.

Of course, there are some movies that just don’t really work at all. We Need To Talk About Kevin is a particularly difficult film to convert to a movie as the book is made up entirely of letters to the main character’s estranged husband. Watching someone write letters for an hour and a half would be incredibly boring and the film cannot translate that amount of detail. That being said, I watched the film first and really enjoyed it but the book really is something else.

The book will always be better because they are not limited in a way the movies are. Books rely on your own imagination while a movie is someone else’s imagination of the book coming to life, which will never entirely line up with your own! Most of the time, movies are ‘based on’ books, ‘an adaptation of’ the story to fit the format. There are some movies that are effectively the same as the story with no real significant changes but most of the time, some aspects just have to change.

Books and movies are two entirely different formats and that’s how they should be treated!


One thought on “The Book vs The Movie

  1. I complete agree with you! I try to separate them in my head. I agree some books are better than movies because they don’t have a limit that have to stay within, which allows more details to be told. I have also seen movies I loved such as the Percy Jackson movies that were nothing like the book. I still loved them both.

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