Welcome to the first stop on the Christmas at the Gin Shack blog tour!

Christmas at the Gin Shack tells the story of the Gin Shack Crew, mainly centered around gin enthusiast Olive, at Christmas. The group encounter a humbug, who seems to be determined to run The Gin Shack into the ground and the group along with it. Faced with a rollercoaster ride of events, the Gin Shack Crew are determined to pull out all the stops for their Christmas at the Gin Shack.

I adore Olive. She’s the type of elderly person everyone aspires to be: fiercely loyal, fun, caring and youthful with an I don’t give a damn kind of attitude. Some of her scenes had me bursting out with laughter, imagining scenarios like a little old lady riding a Segway or swaggering in her attempt to blend in.

Catherine Miller tackles sensitive subjects with comedy – in my opinion, the best way to do it – and she does it well. When a member of Gin Shack crew falls ill (spoiler), Miller portrays the aftermath with hilarious banter between Olive and the hospital-ridden member, very much similar to the way Ant and Dec dealt with Ant’s stint in rehab on I’m a Celeb last night! She also very aptly named the noise of a person close to death – “the death rattle” – a noise you can only really understand if you have been around someone in their last few days of life. I have no idea how Miller came up with this description but it is uncanny.

Before reading Christmas at the Gin Shack, gin was just another alcoholic drink. I’ve never actually tried it before but now I want to try all available gin flavours! The level of gin knowledge was very impressive to a novice like me and I loved that the book includes recipes at the end. I will definitely be giving gin and the recipes a try this Christmas.

If I’m not mistaken, Christmas at the Gin Shack is the sequel to The Gin Shack on the Beach. I made the mistake of not reading the first book before this one, which meant that there were a few parts where I was a touch confused, but that didn’t stop me enjoying the book overall. In fact, I’m now going to go back and read the first one!

Want to know who else is on the blog tour?

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