Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Meet Me Under The Mistletoe by Carla Burgess

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe shares the story of two souls each burned by love in different ways coming together and learning how to love again. Rachel is a florist, recently out of a terrible relationship and unsure if she wants to risk getting her heart broken again. Anthony is a detective, terrified of love and it’s power.

Florist shops are my favourite book setting, particularly for a Christmas novel! They always give me a quaint little image in my head and even though I’m not a girly girl or have ever really been interested in flowers, I love it! Rachel’s vintage style and her mum’s love of birds really added to the theme so this setting has really stuck in my head, clear as day.

I was so suspicious of Anthony at the beginning of the novel and even though he explained himself and then continued to show himself as a great guy, I didn’t really believe it. I was fully expecting him to just disappear or turn out to be nasty, which wouldn’t be very Christmassy at all, but I’m big on first impressions and can sometimes struggle to see past that sometimes. In my defence, Anthony’s behaviour with Rachel at the beginning was pretty despicable!

I absolutely adored Rachel and really admired her strength when it came to Anthony. Even though she wanted to give herself completely to him, she didn’t allow him to walk all over her and she tried to protect herself as much as she could. Her quirky little style was my favourite and I wish I had the confidence to unashamedly wear the clothes I wanted and have the hairstyle I want!

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe is the perfect Christmas novel, it tugs at your heartstrings in more ways than one. Grab a cuppa, a festive snack and a blanket cuz once you’ve turned the first page, it’s difficult to stop! Carla Burgess has captured small town festivities perfectly and I’m so excited to go out to any and every parade I can find!

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