Hello and welcome to Day 2 of Blogmas! This post is all about my Christmas tree!

Decorating the Christmas tree always marks the start of Christmas for me and it’s something I try and as soon as the 1st rolls around. There’s no point paying out so much for a tree and decorations to only having them up for a few days now is there?!

This is the first year I’ve lived in my own house (not including my student house) so I was so excited to decorate my tree for the first time in our house. We’ve got so many special decorations that hold so many memories that it was a nice little trip down memory lane when we put the tree up. Don’t worry, I’m going to be doing a whole post about my favourite and most precious decorations, later on in Blogmas!

As I live with my boyfriend and our two friends, we all decorated the tree together, which was not easy because our living room is fairly small! I filmed a little timelapse of us decorating the tree, another difficult task was finding somewhere to place the camera! Because the room is so small, I had to climb onto the bookcase and put it up there just to get all of the tree in! You can see the timelapse on my Instagram here.

Now onto the bit you’re here to see, my tree!


Okay so I know it’s a bit of a mess on the floor and the lights don’t look perfect but my housemate is currently having pre-drinks in the lounge and I can’t get in there to get a better photo! I really didn’t want to miss Blogmas Day 2 so here’s a rubbish photo for now!

What does your tree look like this year?


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