Welcome to Blogmas Day 4!

Sleigh Rides and Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair tells the story of Anna rediscovering her love for Christmas with the help of the residents at Wynthorpe Hall particularly Jamie, the youngest adult son of Catherine and Angus.

Even though they’re seriously predictable, I adore a good Christmas book. Sleigh Rides and Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair followed the traditional storyline of one character who hates Christmas and through falling in love with another character, they fall in love with Christmas as well.

I love Christmas but I can see why some people don’t, especially when something horrific has happened to a person over Christmas. So, I didn’t find Anna’s desperation to avoid Christmas frustrating but I did find her determination to squash any relationship with Jamie very frustrating! It was so obvious from the beginning they were soulmates and attracted to each other right from the get-go.

Anna’s secret was intriguing, her reason for wishing to avoid Christmas was kept a mystery for a good portion of the book. Even when Anna’s secret was revealed, it was teased out slowly with more and more information coming out as Anna became more comfortable with her Wynthorpe Hall family. I really liked how the information was teased out this way because this is how things like this happen in real life. Often books are a little unrealistic and you see characters word vomiting their life story all in one paragraph, but Heidi Swain did this really well!

I found the ending to be a tad rushed, I was happy with the ending but I wanted more! I wanted to see Jamie and Anna’s charity develop and see their relationship blossom into something more. I’m just hoping the abrupt ending means there’s a sequel out there somewhere!


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