2017 is the first year that I won’t be waking up at my parents on Christmas Day.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I’m so excited to wake up on Christmas Day with my boyfriend for the first time, ever! But on the other hand I’m a bit sad and I feel guilty that I won’t be waking up on Christmas with my parents (I’m an only child). The one thing that makes me feel better is the fact my parents have two puppies to give presents too in the morning and keep them preoccupied.

I’ll still be seeing my parents for Christmas lunch because there is no way I’m ready to give up my mum’s Christmas dinner just yet. It will just be a little strange waking up somewhere new on Christmas Day.

Now that we live together, we’ll also have to split Christmas in half between our two families whereas before we just saw our own families and then squeezed each other in on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

My boyfriend and I also have two housemates so we’re going to be doing a Christmas lunch with them, not on Christmas Day as we’ll all be with families but a few days before.

I think the only thing that will change now that I’ve moved out is how much busier I will be this year as I will have double the amount of people to see! Which is fine with me as that’s what Christmas is all about: spending time with the ones you love. I just wish I didn’t feel so guilty about not being with my parents on Christmas morning.


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