My Christmas festivities were kicked off on the 30th November at Cosmo in Southampton!

I was lucky enough to be invited to their Christmas at Cosmo event along with a group of other local bloggers. It feels totally alien to write that and I still can’t quite believe that I get invited to events like this!

On arrival, we were greeted with Prosecco before being shown to our table. Stupidly, I decided to drive so I had to stick to non-alcoholic drinks! After being served our drinks, we were taken to a cute table all kitted out with crackers and drink menus. Please excuse the terrible photos, the lighting was very cosy and dimmed and I was far too embarrassed to put the flash on!


The first time I went to Cosmo, it was just when they had opened for the evening so it was packed. I found it to be quite claustrophobic but also think this shows just how great the food and value are at Cosmo. Knowing how packed it was last time, I was much better prepared for it this time!


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I managed to squeeze in 3 plates of food – two mains and one dessert. I overfilled my first plate a bit too much so I couldn’t fit as much food as I would’ve liked on my second plate. Pro tip – take it easy with the first plate no matter how hungry you are! You will regret it when you see all the other delicious foods on offer.


I only managed to get one photo of my food because I was too desperate to tuck in! On the above plate is Special Fried Rice, Black Pepper Beef, Thai BBQ Pork, Honey BBQ Wings and Hong Kong Noodles. The Honey BBQ Wings and Thai BBQ Pork were absolutely divine!

The Cosmo staff are unbelievably efficient, I was so impressed by how swiftly each plate was taken away when it was finished with, of course allowing more room for more plates piled high with delicious food! Nothing was too much trouble for the staff and I felt more like I’d gone to a friend’s house for dinner rather than a restaurant.

My favourite part of the night was the live cooking session at the Teppanyaki station. The chef behind the counter was a huge character and got everyone involved while two members of our group flipped steak and chicken and took on the Red Hat Egg Challenge (not the official name). I could not stop laughing throughout the whole session and without the comedic genius of the chef, it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as fun.


If you’re lucky enough to get a window seat, you get to enjoy the high street looking all festive and the ice rink while you eat. The view was beautiful, especially in the dark with the Christmas lights and really adds to the atmosphere.


The all you can eat buffet is such a simple idea but Cosmo has got the added touches that make it memorable. If you want great food at a great price, Cosmo is the place to go! Here’s enough video of the chef!




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