Welcome to Blogmas Day 7!

Last year, I did a little post about all of my favourite Christmas decorations. In the last year, especially since visiting New York, I’ve accumulated a few more Christmas decorations that have become fast faves! Also, this is my first year in my own house so I get to do everything how I want.

My first favourite Christmas decoration is possibly my favourite ever! We got this from the Christmas shop on Times Square and to commemorate our first year living together, first official holiday and first Christmas living together, we decided on this personalised decoration. We also both love penguins so it’s perfect for us really!


We also chose this Christmas decoration in the same Christmas shop in New York. Our personalised one isn’t obvious it’s from New York so wanted to get a specific one as well and what better decoration to get than an apple shaped one!


Stitch is still one of my favourite decorations, just because I love him and he reminds me of my holiday to Florida last year!


Last week, my Mum surprised us with these little Santas that have our names on, especially for our tree which was really cute. The little Santas look so cute on our tree!

We don’t have a dining table (yet) but we do for the first time have a coffee table. For Halloween I spent a lot of time choosing decorations and arranging them to look perfect and I’ve done the same for Christmas. I’ve got my Christmas candles and these sparkly trees so my coffee table is looking very festive!

(photo coming soon….can’t get in the lounge again!)


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