Love Mermaids? – Birchbox August

Just last week, my first Birchbox order arrived! I've heard a lot of good things about Birchbox during my time in the blogging world but I was especially drawn to this month's box for reasons you're about to find out! August's box is mermaid themed and the box decoration alone was enough to convince me … Continue reading Love Mermaids? – Birchbox August


Celebrating Valentine’s with a Lush Haul

Am I the only one who didn’t realise Lush had themed products until late last year? I really feel like I’ve missed out on something special over the last like 10 years but not knowing about Lush! How did that happen?! Anyway, here’s my Valentine’s Lush Haul! I limited myself to £20 and came out … Continue reading Celebrating Valentine’s with a Lush Haul

Boxing Day Sales – Lush Haul

If you opened up Twitter on Boxing Day then you would have more than likely been exposed to the scandal that was the Lush Boxing Day Sale. Hundreds of thousands of people, queued for hours on end to get onto the site, some got angry on Twitter and others waited patiently and sent encouraging messages … Continue reading Boxing Day Sales – Lush Haul