Bournemouth Spa Day

Two Sundays ago, I spent an incredibly relaxing day at the Hallmark Hotel Bournemouth Spa. The hotel is situated a stone’s throwaway from Bournemouth Beach and though it is a cheaper alternative to some spas in the area, it didn’t really feel like it! Sure, it was a little tatty in some places, but I … Continue reading Bournemouth Spa Day


My First Time in Brussels Won’t Be My Last

Last week, I was lucky enough to visit Belgium on a business trip. We spent roughly 3 days in the beautiful city of Brussels and even though we were there for work, we managed to squeeze in the standard touristy things as well. Le Dixseptieme, which translates into The Seventeenth, was the hotel that we … Continue reading My First Time in Brussels Won’t Be My Last

Hanging Around Hampshire?

#1 – Marwell Zoo An array of animals spread out generously over 140 acres, Marwell Zoo is the perfect day for anyone of any age! A non-profit organisation, the profits go towards the care for the in-park animals and to endangered animals across the world. Marwell Zoo is also home to Ricky the Humboldt Penguin, … Continue reading Hanging Around Hampshire?

Russell Howard: Round the World

With his boyish charm and unashamed demonstration of shagging a dog, Russell Howard was spectacular as always. This was my first time watching a comedian live and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I had visions of being picked on and then laughed at by the whole audience. Deep down I knew this wouldn’t … Continue reading Russell Howard: Round the World

Birthday Week: Feeling 22!

If you know me well enough or read my blog posts last year, you’ll know that I don’t just celebrate my birthday on the actual day. I like to drag out my celebrations all week long. It also wouldn't be my birthday if I didn't wear a silly hat... Marwell Zoo The first part of … Continue reading Birthday Week: Feeling 22!

My Dream Loot Crate: The Floridian Dream

There is nothing I love more than a subscription box! If I had unlimited funds, I would probably subscribe them all because they are just incredible. From stationery to tampons, there’s a box for everything and everyone! Not too long ago, Loot Crate reached out to me and asked me to participate in their Dream … Continue reading My Dream Loot Crate: The Floridian Dream

Donald Trump…Why?

The past few days I’ve been watching the news in horror. Watching as my fellow women from all over the world have their rights to make decisions about their own bodies taken away. Watching as women across the world have access to sexual health services diminished, aid that they desperately need just revoked with a … Continue reading Donald Trump…Why?