Creepy Crawly Cupcakes!

It’s not a holiday if I don’t attempt to bake something! Before, I’ve relied on the premixed baking sachets but this time I decided to bake from scratch. Chocolate orange is my favourite cake flavour so I decided to give it a go and bake some chocolate orange cupcakes. The recipe I used is this … Continue reading Creepy Crawly Cupcakes!


The Witches of Burley

Burley is famous for its history of witches among other urban legends. The Burley history books tell that a white witch named Sybil Leek roamed the Burley village in the 1950s wearing a black cloak with her pet jackdaw riding atop her shoulder. Media attention surrounding Sybil reached breaking point, with some villagers rejoicing in … Continue reading The Witches of Burley

5 Days in New York City

New York City, probably one of the most famous cities in the world with its streets and parks popping up in films and tv shows in almost every genre. Friends, How I Met Your Mother, The Princess Diaries, That Awkward Moment, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones…the list goes on and on. New York has consistently … Continue reading 5 Days in New York City

Summer 2017 Wish List – Which Wishes Have I Completed?

There’s still a whole month and a half ish until summer is officially over -sob- but I’ve completed most of my summer wish list! Which is pretty handy as the weather has gone significantly downhill this past week! Chester Zoo Last week me, my boyfriend and our housemates embarked on a trip to Chester and … Continue reading Summer 2017 Wish List – Which Wishes Have I Completed?