BLOGMAS #5: Christmas 2017

2017 is the first year that I won’t be waking up at my parents on Christmas Day. I’ve got mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I’m so excited to wake up on Christmas Day with my boyfriend for the first time, ever! But on the other hand I’m a bit sad and I … Continue reading BLOGMAS #5: Christmas 2017


BLOGMAS #1: Merry Blogmas

It is officially the 1st December and that means day 1 of BLOGMAS! I loved doing Blogmas last year, it made me feel so festive and gave me something to work towards. I wasn’t planning on doing it again this year, I was worried I would just be recycling content from last year which would … Continue reading BLOGMAS #1: Merry Blogmas

Summer 2017 Wish List – Which Wishes Have I Completed?

There’s still a whole month and a half ish until summer is officially over -sob- but I’ve completed most of my summer wish list! Which is pretty handy as the weather has gone significantly downhill this past week! Chester Zoo Last week me, my boyfriend and our housemates embarked on a trip to Chester and … Continue reading Summer 2017 Wish List – Which Wishes Have I Completed?