BLOG TOUR: The Silence – Katy Eachus

I don’t think I’ve ever been so hooked on a book! The plot and idea behind The Silence were so original and I’ve never come across anything like it before. As the story developed, I had no idea how it was going to end and what sort of twist was coming next. There was no … Continue reading BLOG TOUR: The Silence – Katy Eachus


Happy Birthday Amanda Prowse!

To celebrate the birthday of the lovely and incredibly talented Amanda Prowse, I’m here to review The Idea of You. The Idea of You tackles the heartbreaking subject of miscarriage and the struggles that come with it. Neither I or anyone in my life has ever experienced a miscarriage yet somehow Amanda managed to make … Continue reading Happy Birthday Amanda Prowse!

Book Review: Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors is the unsettling tale of Grace, her sister Millie, and her husband Jack. At first, everything seems perfect, but some aspects of their relationship don’t seem to be normal. As the story progresses, Grace’s predicament is revealed and so is just how much danger she and her sister Millie is in. The … Continue reading Book Review: Behind Closed Doors

Happy Birthday Zoella!

For the first time, my author's birthday celebratory post has landed on the author's actual birthday! Happy Birthday, Zoella! About the Author Zoe Sugg was born on the 28th March 1990, in Wiltshire, England. As well as being an accomplished author, Zoe is mostly known for her incredibly successful YouTube channel, under the name 'Zoella'. … Continue reading Happy Birthday Zoella!

BLOG TOUR: The Place That Never Existed – Jim Ody

It’s my turn on the blog tour today! (It’s also my birthday yay!) The Place That Never Existed follows a group of people from a small town in the middle of nowhere after the tiny town's existence is disturbed by the arrival of a newly married couple on their honeymoon and the dramas they bring along … Continue reading BLOG TOUR: The Place That Never Existed – Jim Ody

Happy Birthday (Month) Gillian Flynn!

Welcome to February's edition of my Author's Birthday Series! This month is all about Gillian Flynn! About the Author Gillian Flynn was born on the 24th February 1971 in Kansas City, Missouri. She attended the University of Kansas and received undergraduate degrees in English and journalism. She then went on to achieve a masters in … Continue reading Happy Birthday (Month) Gillian Flynn!

Happy Birthday (month) Lewis Carroll!

First of all, hello and welcome to my new blog series! Every month I will be reading a book from an author whose birthday is in that month. This month I’m celebrating the birthday of Lewis Carroll by reading Alice in Wonderland! About the author Lewis Carroll was born on the 27th January 1832 and … Continue reading Happy Birthday (month) Lewis Carroll!